Telecom Carrier Services

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Wholesale Termination

Wholesale Dialer Termination, with quality routes for competitive rates in the United States and Canada. Specializing in high CPS, Short Duration Dialing for Political Campaigns and other US Call Center Traffic. Offered in LCR or low Flat Rate pricing. Nationwide footprint and Tier 1 network reliability with aggressive rates. Our fully redundant network core is designed to be highly scalable to support all voice traffic requirements. We interconnect with top Tier 1 domestic carriers to whom we can identify the least cost route traffic.

You can rely on GoCode Telecom for quality, reliability, and excellence. We welcome short duration, high CPS U.S. traffic. Through established partnerships and interconnections, GoCode Telecom helps ILECs, CLECs, IXCs, and VoIP carriers leverage a complete suite of wholesale voice services to help them grow their business and lower overall costs. Also ask us about our political dialing services for 2016!

        • Tier 1/multi-carrier network
        • Flat rate and NPA-NXX pricing
        • No short duration penalties or surcharges for incomplete calls
        • No minimums or volume commitments
        • Routing plans with high ASRs
        • 6/6 second billing for US, 1/1 International (A-Z traffic)
        • Multiple codecs available
        • No capacity restrictions
        • 24/7 in-house NOC support
        • Quick turn up, portal access, and free testing credit

Short Duration and Conversational Traffic

GoCode Telecom offers high quality domestic and international A-Z wholesale VoIP termination. We provide multiple routes to virtually every destination around the globe. We strive to provide exceptional call quality and high customer service, 24/7 support, and competitive rates for all of our routes.

We have designed and offer many different types of quality voice products and have the ability to customize any of our routes and rate decks for your companies traffic profile.

      • Quality call termination – High ALOC, high ASR plans available
      • Highly competitive rates – Aggressive routes available
      • Designed for reliability—Network up time at 99.999%, 24 hour support
      • Our high-performance, scalable network can easily accommodate your current and future traffic.
      • Connect to the GoCode network from anywhere in the world! Connect through public or private IP or TDM anywhere around the globe
    • On-line portal for call detail retrieval (CDRs), billing, and traffic statistics

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Marketing and Political Campaign Voice Services

GoCode Telecom offers Political Dialing Services, Voice Broadcasting, Ringless Voicemail drops, and other voice and data telecom marketing. We offer great rates for these services by carrying all the traffic over our network, and can terminate the calls virtually anywhere.

Domestic Coverage

Access to nearly every domestic market in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, through our expansive, dependable, and cutting-edge network.

Call Routing

Our best-in-class services are the result of a fully redundant core distributed across all of our switching sites throughout the United States. We have relationships with multiple Tier 1 domestic carriers to whom we can identify the least cost route traffic for each scenario.

Highest Quality Reliability

GoCode’s network has been engineered for carrier-grade performance with built-in redundancy, including our soft switches, core backbone routers, signaling lines and re-routing elements.